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Welcome to TTP-Engineering, LLC. , your source for import performance and dyno tuning needs!

We specialize in the 2001-2006 USDM, JDM, EDM Lancer Evolution Evo VII-IX as well as the 2008-2012 Evo X GSR, MR and 2009+ Ralliart turbo.

We are the home of the world's most experienced and recognized Lancer Evolution engine ECU tuner. TTP is your one stop source for performance parts, maintenance, engine building, fabrication and ECU tuning in one location.

We are also a MUSTANG DYNO AWD-500 dynamometer facility! You can find everything you need for your Lancer Evolution in our Online Store.

10/21/2011 - Hurell's 2.4L, 4g64, MIVEC, twin scroll, front facing PTE 6265 on E85 ethanol fuel and twin walbro fuel pumps with tuning from Master Pro ECU tuner Scott Davis deliver a potent dose of horsepower and torque. 778whp and 578tq at the low boost setting of 32psi! Hurell plans on amping up the fuel system to supply more volume before heading back to the dyno for 800whp+!

10/20/2011 - Jeff Mitchell puts down an amazing 572whp/474tq on stock motor with speed density tuning, ECU controlled boost, BigMaps, map switching, launch maps and Pro ECU tuning from Scott @ TTP!

On the dyno Jeff's 2005 Lancer Evolution GSR laid down an astounding 572whp on the stock engine in 95*F heat and high humidity. With his recently traded FPBlack journal bearing turbo, his new boost pressure was delivered by a journal bearing, air cooled, PTE 5857. Packing more potential behind it, at a lower boost level, Jeff's GSR was able to deliver the power needed for him to reach his goals of a 10 second pass in the quarter mile.

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